Helping Los Gatos Police Officers Union Since 2006

We have been proud sponsors helping the Los Gatos Police Officers Union since 2006! The Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Officers’ Association was established in …

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People Love Us on Yelp

We have received over 85 reviews on yelp alone! We currently hold a star rating of 4.5! In commemoration yelp sent us an award to …

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man standing and holding USA flag ิat sunrise view

Donation to Pat Tillman Foundation

We are happy to share that we have donated $500 to the Pat Tillman Foundation, Since 2008, the Pat Tillman Foundation has provided academic scholarships, …

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe At Home

We buy them the best food, make sure their beds are comfortable, and treat them like a member of the family. In return, they show …

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Three D Security

The Three “Ds” of Home Security

Home security strategies can be broadly classified into three categories,often referred to as the three “Ds” Deterrence  –   Denial  –   Detection. The First “D” — Deterrence Burglars are …

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security camera

Important Information you should know

IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU SHOULD KNOW! You can do your part to eliminate false alarms by following these simple steps: Let us know if any of …

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keypad alarm

A “note” about “all-in-one” systems

These are 100% wireless, all the important components are built into the keypad, which is mounted out in the open on your wall. The siren, …

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