The Three “Ds” of Home Security

3 d security

Home security strategies can be broadly classified into three categories,often referred to as the three “D”

The First “D” — Deterrence

Burglars are basically lazy and will usually take the “path of least resistance.” You can make your home look too risky to a burglar by using some of these techniques.
  • Put inside lights, and even a TV and stereo, on a timer when you are away from home.
  • Don’t stop your mail, water, newspaper or other deliveries when you are away. Have a neighbor pick these items up for you.
  • If you have a home security system, make sure you post signs and window decals warning potential intruders that your home is protected.

The Second “D”—Denial

Two-thirds of all burglars break in through doors. The remaining one-third get in through a window. Denial involves making these points-of-entry as impenetrable as possible by taking the following kinds of precautions:
  • After moving into a new home, immediately replace all of the locks.
  • Use interconnecting deadbolt locks. And make sure your deadbolts require a key on both sides of the door for access. (For fire safety purposes, leave the key inside the lock on the interior to facilitate an escape.)
  • Sliding glass doors are especially vulnerable. Make sure they are secure by pinning them, which will take care of both horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Put security film over glass panes.

The Third “D”—Detection

No matter how well you incorporate the first two “Ds” in your home defense strategy, a criminal may still decide to violate your home. Here are some techniques to help ensure that he is detected and apprehended if he does:

  • Professional burglars will tell you that it is often concerned neighbors looking out for one another who detect them committing their crimes and call the police. So take the initiative to meet your neighbors and look out for one another.
  • Install a quality home security system that is monitored on a continuous, 24-hour a day basis by a professional security company. Studies show that homes with a security system are 2.2 times less likely to be burglarized than homes without a system.
  • A survey by the International Association of Chiefs of Police also showed that more than 90% of Police Chiefs believe in the value of a monitored home security system.