A “note” about “all-in-one” systems

keypad alarm

These are 100% wireless, all the important components are built into the keypad, which is mounted out in the open on your wall. The siren, cell radio communicator that calls the central station, wireless receiver, and a small back up battery for power outages. This small battery does not last long when you have a power outage… or someone disables your power!


Smashing this all-in-one system’s keypad may completely disable it, the siren stops, the central station does not receive any more signals, the system goes dead.


Also, they are selling you a proprietary system! Only they can monitor this system. If you want to leave them, a new monitoring company will need to change out the equipment. That is if you own the equipment, but most of these systems are owned or leased by the installing company. If you cancel the service with them, you may need to return the equipment.


Not with our Honeywell system. Any company can take over the monitoring if you are unhappy. We do not use proprietary equipment. If you smash the keypad on our system, the siren will still sound, and it will still report the signals to the central station. Our system uses a mainboard locked away in a metal box, along with the other important components. This includes a large 12-volt, 7-amp hour battery made by Yuasa, the best alarm battery made!


This type of system cost more in components and installation labor, requires more skilled technicians to install but is more secure.